Office 365

Using Office 365 and Teams


Do your business projects need a great collaborative tool?  A tool that allows the right people to see what they need, get notified when they are tagged, have access to project plans and files, a place to meet, communicate and collaborate all from within the one place?

Let us introduce you to Office 365 and Teams!office 365

Office 365 is specifically designed to provide easy team collaboration and communication.

If you already have Office 365 and are unsure about how to harness its capabilities on projects, Simply Training can help.

We have a track record of delivering effective training and support to a range of businesses and organisations with this proven system.

We offer:

  • An Introduction to Office 365 presentation
  • Advice on what to consider when implementing Teams
  • Customised training to target your specific business needs
  • Support to ensure efficiency and a hassle free operation


How can the Teams capability of Office 365 help my business?

orangeboxEffective, efficient communication on a project is a key part of its success.

  • Use Teams on all devices, keeping in the loop even when away from the desk
  • New team members can quickly get up to speed on your projects
  • Improve efficacy of internal communication by reducing phone calls, group emails and meetings
  • Tasks assigned to individuals and groups, with team members notified
  • Productivity increased and team members can easily find the information they need
  • A seamless move to a digital workplace


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