Outlook – Sorting or Arranging Mail by Field

We’ve all done it – used the search field to look for an email from a specific sender and found the search results full of emails from everyone!  Or we’ve been shoulder tapped by IT to have a clean-up and kicked off days of work deleting emails one by one!

Sorting or Arranging Mail by Field

Changing the sort/arrange by order of your mail can save hours of work in many scenarios.

Sort by Size and clean out those fifteen emails with photos or large attachments and IT will leave you alone!

Sort by From and find all the emails from your customer side by side when they call.

Don’t forget to pop it back to date order when you’re done so that the newest emails show on top.

Sorting Email

In the Single view, the current sort order will be indicated by an arrow on the column header.

  1. Select a column heading to sort folder by, e.g. ‘From’
  2. Select once for ascending sort | select again for descending sortimage1

Arrange By

In the Compact view, the current sort order will be shown at the top right of the mail list window,
e.g. By Date.

  1. Select By Date | select field name to sort by from the Arrange by section of the menu
  2. Select arrow beside the field name for ascending/descending sort options if requiredimage2



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